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kesem boy * chic / boho / vintage / interiors / by Talia Mazor

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Hey there! I’m Talia Mazor, and I’m the one behind KESEM BOY. As an Aussi/Israeli hybrid, I thank my mixed upbringing for my eclectic sense of style. My interior design style is unique and defined, not for the faint hearted, as I have no fear of colour, and making bold purchases. With a bohemian mindset, I love to create spaces that are warm and homely. I think it’s terribly important to combine styles, that way there is always a little ‘funk’ in our lives. Mixing Asian vintage items, contemporary fitting and fixtures, industrial woods and Scandinavian elements into a single room is what I do best. I’m also a firm believer in candles - they create magic. I’m a globe-trotter, and I live for travelling, because that’s when I’m inspired the most. Having lived in India, Israel and Amsterdam, I’ve developed a fondness for rustic and traditional design elements. I will always choose white over black, and am passionate about sustainable/recycled materials. If I had a warehouse, I’d endlessly source textiles and things you can hang on an S hook. In my time off, I’m out and about, chasing the sun with my darling puppy, Miffy. Oh, and my favourite food is banana pancakes.